The Legislation

How it Works

The Minnesotans for Paid Family & Medical Leave Coalition supports a state-administered paid leave insurance program, where everyone contributes and everyone benefits. Paid Family & Medical Leave is different than paid sick days which would allow workers to earn sick days for minor illness of themselves or family members (which is not yet required of all employers in Minnesota).

See our Paid Leave Bill Comparison Document (2022)

The Paid Family & Medical Leave Act will

  • Provide up to 12 weeks of partial wage replacement for medical leave (including pregnancy), so Minnesotans can take care of themselves.
  • Provide up to12 weeks partial wage replacement for family leave, so Minnesotans can take care of themselves and their families.
  • Replace wages on a progressive scale at 90%-55% of an employee’s salary (66% on average), while protecting job and healthcare benefits, so Minnesotans can experience economic security during their leave.
  • Keep costs low for all by creating a large statewide risk pool and equally share costs between employers and employees, with both contributing 0.31% on employee earnings. For a median worker and their employer, this costs less than $2 per week.
  • Build on Minnesota’s leading Unemployment Insurance administration under the Department of Employment and Economic Development, to ensure program stability for employees, employers, and the state.

2023 Bills
House File 2 | Senate File 2

The Benefits of Paid Family & Medical Leave

For employees

  • Provides economic security to families during important life events
  • Improves parent and child health and well-being
  • Allows elders to age in their homes and communities

For employers

  • Benefits businesses by reducing turnover
  • Boosts employee productivity and morale
  • Benefits small-businesses by helping level the playing field

For all Minnesotans

  • Reduces reliance on public assistance programs
  • Increases women’s participation in the workforce
  • Simple and cost-effective


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