About Us

Minnesotans believe in caring for one another. Yet the vast majority of Minnesotans don’t have access to paid family & medical leave benefits. This means every day, Minnesotans face impossible choices between losing a paycheck or caring for a new child, an aging loved one, or themselves.

It’s time for a common-sense solution. Our current system is costly to workers, families, businesses, and our economy. Paid Family and Medical Leave is overwhelmingly popular across party lines and has already passed in seven other states. By passing Paid Family and Medical Leave we can begin to solve our caregiving crisis while leveling the playing field for all Minnesotans.


Coalition Chairs and Members

Minnesotans for Paid Family Leave is co-chaired by Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota, ISAIAH, and the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

Organizational Members: AARP, AFSCME Council 5, Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota, Coalition for Women’s Economic Security, Communications Workers of America State Council, Education Minnesota, Family Tree Clinic, Gender Justice, Gray Panthers, ISAIAH, Jewish Community Action, Main Street Alliance of Minnesota, Minnesota AFL-CIO, MAPE, Minnesota AIDS Project, Minnesota Nurses Association, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, Open Access Connections, OutFront Minnesota, River Valley Action, SEIU-Minnesota, Take Action-Minnesota, UFCW Local 1189, Working America